About Us

Buller Enterprises, Inc. is a family owned, North Dakota corporation, incorporated in 1992.

The company:

Larry Buller, President

Linda Buller, Vice president, Secretary, Treasurer

Timothy Buller

2011 Vans RV7A
2011 Vans RV7A, first flight July 2, 2011

My name is Larry Buller.  A bit about myself:

  • Graduate Letourneau University, Aviation Technician.
  • Served in US Army as a helicopter crew chief and fixed wing maintenance. If you are interested see more about my vietnam tour.
  • Founded, and operated Way-Point Avionics Inc. in 1976.  Sold in 1988.
  • After making many instrument panels by hand, developed the Panel Pro in 1992.
  • Currently hold FCC General Class license.
  • Hold A&P certificate
  • Held Instrument repairman certificate at Way-Point Avionics, Inc.
  • Hold ATP with CE500 type rating.  Over 10500 hrs. logged, mostly Citation 550, 560 and King Air 200.