Panel Pro Documentation

Panel Pro 5925 Manual (pdf 35.7mb 1/6/16)

AvCAM help file (8.6mb 7/16/15)

Panel Pro 4824 manual for use with AvCAM


FREE DraftSight CAD Downloads

We are transitioning to DraftSight as our preferred CAD.  It is a free, fully functional 2D CAD program that works well will the Panel Pro.

DraftSight download

DraftSight get started guide

DraftSight configuration notes

DraftSight configuration files  configure DraftSight for Panel Pro layers etc.

USB to Serial port driver

Panel Pro model 4824 and 5624 controllers used a RS232 serial interface.  If your computer does not have a RS232 serial port, a usb to serial converter can be used.  However, the chip set should use the full plus and minus voltages.  In addition some older converters may not be compatible with windows 8 and newer operating systems.

Windows 8/8.1 are NOT supported in Prolific PL-2303HXA and PL-2303X chip sets.  Check which version you have here. The USB adapter must be plugged in and you will need to know what port it is on.

Prolific chip sets are usually found in USB to RS232 adapter cables on Panel Pro controllers that have a 9 pin serial connector.

Prolific drivers for Windows XP, 7 & 8 / 32 &64 bit OS compatibility (3.14mbs)

FTDI chip sets are found on all Panel Pro and Cable Pro controllers that have a USB mini B connector.

FTDI drivers are found here

EasyCAD Files

Please note that we are transitioning to DraftSight as our CAD of choice.  EasyCAD is still a great choice, but the author is unwilling or unable to fix crashing issues.

EasyCAD 7.58 full install  the latest version of EasyCAD (June 2014).  When downloaded, it runs for 30 days in the demo mode until the license is installed.

Easy Cad 7 cad viewer free “view only” version of Easy Cad allows you to view, verify, and print existing drawings.  It does not allow modification of the drawings.

EasyCAD 7.22 (22mbs) Operates for limited time in demo mode until you apply your license.  Contact us or for license info.

EasyCAD version 7 manual (3.9mbs) PDF version of the complete EasyCAD manual.

EasyCAD extra commands (13k) save to your EasyCAD folder.  Make sure EasyCAD is not open. unzip the file.  You may get a pop up asking if it is ok to overwrite files.  Respond Yes.   This will result in a folder called ECADconfig.  Copy all of the files from ECADconfig to your EasyCAD folder.  If you copy or unzip the files to the EasyCAD folder with EasyCAD open, EasyCAD will overwrite the files you just copied and it will not work.

Legend.ttf font.   The Legend font is useful for engraving.  AvCAM traces the outline of the letters.  It does not fill between like windows does, so a thick font like Arial will have uncut material in the middle.  The Legend font is very narrow so that the stroke width is determined by the engraving cutter tip width, not the font.  Legend font is installed with AvCAM, so there should be no reason to separately install it.  However there have been instances where is has come up missing.  To install it, download it, make note of where it is stored (typically the downloads folder).  right click on it and click install.

Legend Font Missing.  Sometimes windows just hides the legend font.  download FontMissing.pdf for information and instructions.