RV longeron bending dies.  Accurately bend your RV longerons without using the Fred Flintstone vise and hammer method.

RV elevator rod end gage  Quickly and accurately set the elevator rod ends.

RV Spar Spacers  Accurate spacers to avoid trouble inserting spars.

RV Tip Up Canopy guidesGuides the wobbly tip up canopy into it’s locking holes.

RV Tip Up canopy handle block.  Precision drilled C-608 in white and black.

RV tip Up Canopy Handle latch pivot block.  precision drilled C-611 pivot block.

RV Fuel cap opener   Stop gouging your fuel caps with keys and screwdrivers.




This is N829LB. RV-7A  started November 2009, first flight 07/2/2011.  The products above were inspired by building this aircraft.