Longeron Dies

The RV bending die set will work on 3/4 x 3/4 x 1/8 angle longerons found on Vans RV series airplanes.

Does the idea of clamping your longerons in a vise and whacking it with a hammer sound a bit crude?  If you want accuracy and control, then you need a set of RV Longeron Dies.

Who is this longeron guy and how did he die?  We think he committed suicide after trying to make airplane parts out of 3/4″ angle, using a Hammer and vise 🙂


By placing the metal in the precision CNC cut and curved dies,  you can evenly bend your stock into a clean and professional looking product.

The bending action is precise and gentle leaving less stress in the metal and the user.


These dies bend both the vertical and horizontal flanges of the angle so that the angle does not twist as you bend it.


$39.95 plus shipping