Spar Spacer

RV 6,7,8,9 Center section spar spacer


The RV7 instructions page 8-2 instruct you to make spacer blocks out of wood or particle board the “must” be 1.438 thick, the decimal equivalent of 1 7/16.  This is to hold F-704F and F-704B and other parts in proper alignment.  If you actually measure the spar stubs that are going to fit in that space, you will likely find that they are thicker than 1.438.  If the space you make is 1.438 and the spar is actually 1.445, you are likely to have a difficult spar insertion.

We have Precision made spar spacers available in several widths. 1.438, 1.443, 1.444, and 1.445 with a tolerance of +/-.0005

You can get a smaller spacer and shim it to match the measurement on your spar, or just get a 1.445 thickness to start with.

The price per matched set of 4 precision spacers is $29.95

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