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Ball stud mount

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The Ball Stud Mount, Vans part number C-728 and C-729 attach the Ball Stud that mounts the canopy gas cylinder.  Its fairly easy to make, but wrench access for the nuts is quite difficult.  Particularly on the pilot side where you have even less access to the nuts due to the canopy latch mount brackets.  I think I have fairly standard sized hands, and I simply could not get decent access to the back side.  I struggled and swore, and after taping the nuts to the wrench I finally got the nuts started without the washers.
Assuming you can get the nuts and washers in position and the screws started, you can only tighten the 832 screws so much with the Phillips screws.  Of course after a while in service, I noted that my mounts were working loose.  Try as I might, there was no way I could tighten them up any more.

CNC to the rescue!  I made a one piece billet mount, and more importantly I made a dual nut that you can easily manipulate behind the canopy deck channel.  Basically stick your finger tip between the two raised parts of the nut, press the flat edge against the inside of the canopy deck and maneuver into place.

But wait there’s more!  I changed the screws to a stainless 1032 socket head cap screw.  The mount is counter bored for a flush look.  Now you can apply all the torque you need from a easy to get to location. The Ball Stud Mount is beautifully machined and black anodized.

Note that the dimensions are exactly per the original.  That means the top edge is not flush with the top of the canopy deck.

This kit includes 2 ball stud mounts, 4 1032 x 5/8 stainless socket head screws, 2 dual nut assemblies.

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Weight .125 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 4 x .5 in


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