Cable Pro model CP1


Multi conductor automatic cable continuity tester

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Cable Pro CP1

  • Eliminate errors from manually probed pins.  The Cable Pro tests not only one connection, but all possible combinations to verify correct, missing, and miswired connections.
  • Don’t be constrained by a tester that only gives you one set of connectors and connection scheme.  A few clicks on your computer re-configures the Cable Pro to test a completely different cable.
  • Fix it to your work bench or take it with you to the job.  A simple adapter mates the Cable Pro to your cable for a complete end to end test, or connect one end to the cable pro and use the built in logic probe to visually and audibly test individual connections.
  • Automatic end to end testing.  The configuration file for your cable defines the connectors and connections using low voltage logic.  A simple mouse click starts the test which test all possible combinations of the pins from each direction.  This identifies not only a missing connection, but the pin it is actually connected to.  The testing can be made continuous to check for intermittent contacts.
  • It only takes about 1/10th of a second to test 75 pins to each other.
  •  Each pin is driven high, then every other pin is checked for the presence of a logic high.  That means that 5625 possible combinations are tested.  Manual testing in this manner would take hours and is error prone.  When the test is complete, a detailed report is generated that shows the name of the test, the operator, the date and time of the test, as well as the Pass fail status.  When a test fails, a detailed record is made to facilitate rework.
  • Intuitive easy to learn software. The Software is the magic that makes it all happen.  The adapter and cable definitions can be done manually, or use a learn mode to copy the connections from a known good cable.
  • Safe to use. The Cable Pro is powered by the host PC through a usb cable.  There are no dangerous high voltages applied.
  • Cable Pro tester, Cable View software,  USB cable, logic probe, one year warranty,
  • Includes Cable View software to generate schematics and test the cables.
  • 6.6×4.4×1.9, shipping weight 1lb

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