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led regulator

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The Led Regulator is a kit designed to power LED back lighted panels.  This versatile kit allows for many configurations.  It is based on the ubiquitous LM317T linear voltage regulator.  The LM317 can take inputs up to 35 volts and output 1.2 to input volts minus 1.2 volts.  The LM317T automatically shuts down if it gets too hot or the output is shorted.

While not as electrically efficient as a pulse width modulated regulator, in the power ranges we are talking about,  the efficiency difference is negligible.  The great advantage to a linear regulator is that they are electrically quiet and do not generate electrical interference to audio circuits.

This versatile kit can be adapted to many situations.

It can accommodate an onboard or remote potentiometer so that the entire circuit can be panel mounted via the mounting lug on the pot.

Several units can be stacked with spacers.

A header,  connector and pins are included to accommodate input power, output power and a remote pot.

a fixed voltage can be accommodated with a simple jumper.

The circuit board has enough area to accommodate about a half watt of power dissipation.  Extra heat sinking could be added if required, but a properly designed panel lighting circuit will not require nearly that much.


Included in kit:

instructions with sample setups.

resistors for typical 14 and 28 volt applications.

header, connector and pins

circuit board

LM317T regulator.

440 hardware to mount the LM317 to the board.

Not included: potentiometer

size: 1.25 long  x 1.0 wide  x approximately .625 high.

Additional information

Weight .05 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 4 x .25 in


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