Easy Cad is an Easy to learn, Highly effective, VERY FAST, cost effective, 2D cad that works well with the Panel Pro.

EasyCad version 7.55

  • uses only key tool bars to maximize viewing space.  Most commands are selected from a menu.
  • tool bars can be modified to include user preference commands.
  • supports Auto Cad and Fast Cad file formats in and out.
  • common entity snaps are implemented with function keys which speeds the drawing process.
  • allows easy insertion of external files such as instrument and instrument panel drawing while retaining entity direction and order.
  • implements a front command to organize order the of entities, a key command for the Panel Pro.

You can view the details at www.fastcad.com .   Feel free to buy direct from Fast Cad or from us. In either case it is distributed as a download that can be run immediately in the demo mode.  When the authorization code received from Evolution Computing or Buller Enterprises, Inc. is installed, it performs in it’s unrestricted mode.

We recommend Easy Cad for instrument panel work.

Down load EasyCAD configuration files for additional icons and commands.  After downloading, unzip and copy all files to your EasyCAD folder, overwriting existing files.