Adding A Hole

How to align an existing panel and accurately locate and cut a new hole.

You need to add a new hole to an existing panel that we have a drawing for.

The challenge is how to set up the panel and set the Panel Pro coordinates.

Square up and secure the panel In the Panel Pro.  Generally drop the end mill down on each end of the panel and make sure that the bottom edge touches the end mill on each end.


In this illustration we will place the center of the new hole referencing the large square cutout on the left side.


Using EasyCAD dimensions, we find that the center of the new hole is 5.7139 from the right edge of the square hole, and 2.5566 from the lower edge.  What we intend to do is to set the origin at the lower right corner of the square hole.  Even though we are setting the 0,0 position, this could also be any coordinate, not just 0,0, but this illustration sets the lower right corner of the large square hole at 0,0


Move the Panel Pro end mill so that it touches the right edge of the square hole.


Click the AvCAM x coordinate display and enter -.0625m hit OK.  That tells AvCAM that the center line of the end mill is 1/16″ left of zero

Move the end mill to the lower edge and click the Y coordinate.  Enter .0625 and hit OK.  The center of the end mill is 1/16″ above zero.

We now have the panel Pro positioned so that the lower right corner of the large square is 0,0.

If you wish to make sure the new hole is aligned with the old hole, In EasyCAD, offset the new hole by .0625 inside.  Determine the coordinate at the 270 degree bearing of the offset circle by going to info > coordinate mod > degrees on (enter 270 and click the offset circle)

In AvCAM, move to the coordinate obtained above (5.7139, 2.3941)  drop the end mill down to the surface of the material and compare the edge of the end mill with the existing row of holes with a straight edge.

In AvCAM > machine > cut an arc / circle, enter the coordinate of the center of the circle reference the lower right corner of the square hole.  Enter the diameter or radius of the desired hole.  Verify the end mill diameter is correct.  This will be a complete circle so a starting angle of 0 and ending angle of 360 is appropriate.

If you wish to make a trial pass to make sure everything is set right then set the down stop on 4824 and 5624 machines and click move.  When you are satisfied the cut is going where you intend, reset the z down stop and cut the hole.  Repeat for a finish cut.

On a 5925 machine, you will need to exit this dialog and on the Z control dialog, set the z zero above the surface and the cut depth at the same z level.  Then come back to the cut arc / circle dialog and click move.

This example uses the built in routine to cut a hole.  If you want to cut a complex figure, instrument, etc.  Open it in AvCAM, set cut layers as desired.  Set a machine x/y origin as above and then cut the file using the cut dialog.

There are multiple ways of setting the Panel Pro position.  Check the AvCAM help file for more information.