AvCAM (Aviation Computer Aided Machining)

AvCAM  is the operating system for the Panel Pro.

It is included with the Panel Pro™ 5624 and 5925.  Available as an upgrade for model 4824 owners.

This amazing piece of software simplifies the making of sheet metal panels and parts.

What AvCAM does:

  • Uses a dxf file created by many CAD programs such as EasyCAD, AutoCAD, DraftSight.
  • Checks the entities on selected layers for errors.
  • Multiple layers can be selected for cutting.
  • Applies tool paths for the end mill in use.  All inside cutouts cut in the counter clockwise direction.  All entities on the outside layer cut clockwise.
  • Make wedge shapes using a 2d dxf file.  Very simple to use, no complex 3D cad required.
  • Simulates the cutting.  This can be done at your desk or at the Panel Pro.  It visually displays the cutting path and estimates the cutting time.
  • After simulation, EasyCAD directs the Panel Pro to cut the file.  It automatically turns on the Router and the coolant pump.  The motion can be paused or aborted while cutting.  If aborted, you can restart at any drawing entity.  You do not have to recut the entire file.
  • Provides utilities for generating dxf files of common panel cutouts.
  • Provides support for the Measure Pro panel measuring probe.  When in the Measure mode, measurement tools appear to measure common features such as lines, circles, curves, etc.  The measurements are saved as a dxf file for further editing.
  • Uses true type font files for engraving directly from your dxf files.
  • provides for special layers to cut pockets and other special cutouts.
  • Uses the Keyboard and mouse to manually manipulate the Panel Pro movements.
  • Provides several ways to set the Work origin to match the drawing origin.
  • Allows for a manual mode where the direction and order of the cutting is as the incoming dxf file.  There is no tool offset in this mode.

Updates to AvCAM are free to licensed users.  There is no link on this website, but you can down load it directly from your existing copy of AvCAM – help – about.  If you do not have AvCAM available, contact us.