In 1971 I entered the U.S. Army and spent a year in Vietnam.  The old saying about hours and hours of boredom interspersed with moments of terror is largely accurate.

The spring of 1972 brought intense combat known as the Easter offensive of 1972.  The 129th Assault helicopter Company was a part of those events.

For an excellent book on the Easter Offensive see “America’s Last Vietnam Battle” by Dale Andrade’.

The following are a few notes on my experience.  It is compiled from flight records, pictures, conversations with fellow GIs and letters I sent home to my family.

As I compile this, it has been nearly 40 years since this took place and memories fade.  I invite you to contact me with your comments or additional details.

Chapter 1.  

Chapter 2.        Basic training.

Chapter 3.      Off to Nam.

Chapter 4.        Chu Lai.

Chapter 5.        An Son.

Chapter 6.        Unscheduled Maintenance

Chapter 7.        February 72

Chapter 8.        Combat assault

Chapter 9.        March 27.

Chapter 10.    Crash of 426.

Chapter 11.    Hawks claw.

Chapter 12.    Miami Beach.

Chapter 13.    LZ English.

Chapter 14.    Mr. Cameron.

Chapter 15.    Deros.

Chapter 16.    MacDill AFB.

Chapter 17.    The Wall.